UMK 18 Reviews: Saara Aalto Reveals Pure Emotion In “Domino”!

It’s not long before Saara Aalto takes to the stage in UMK 18, where she will be performing the three songs in the running to represent Finalnd in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, and now, the second song in the running has been released!

The second song to be released is “Domino”, which was written by Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren, Johnny Sanchez, Will Taylor, and Saara herself.

The song features a range of catchy lyrics, which are filled with such an emotional energy that you find yourself being drawn into the song from the first time that you listen.

In my opinion, I believe that “Domino” is full of such passion, which is really carried across through Saara’s emotional and stunning vocals. I honestly love how the song works with Saara’s voice, and believe this song really does give her voice a chance to shine.

Overall, I believe this song really suits Saara’s music style perfectly, and really shows off her amazing vocals. This song really is a good match for Saara.

You can check out “Domino” below.

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