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Review: Christabelle Shares Inspiring Message In Stunning Song “Taboo”!

christabelle borg taboo

It was not long ago that Christabelle was selected to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, with the song “Taboo”, and if you have not heard this song yet, well, you are in for a real treat!

The song “Taboo” was written by Johnny Sanchez, Thomas G:son, Muxu, and Christabelle herself, and focuses on a very strong and powerful message.

For me, the lyrics symbolize how most of us have felt at one point, or another, and really help to create a very positive message, which we can all interpret in our own ways, and help Christabelle share this very strong message.

I also love how the melody of the song really brings out the pure and raw emotion within the lyrics of the song, and helps draw you deep into the song. I find this a song you can just keep on repeat for hours, and still love it as much as the first time that you heard it.

I believe that the way that Christabelle is using her music to focus on such important issues, really shows what a kind hearted person she is, and shows what a truly stunning artist that she is.

I honestly love this song, and have fallen so madly in love with it. I can honestly see her doing well in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, and wish her the best of luck!

You can check out “Taboo” below.

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