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10 Women Who I Think Could Debut/Return For The WWE Women’s Royal Rumble 2018 Match!

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It was not long ago that Stephanie McMahon announced that the very first women’s WWE Royal Rumble match would be taking place, and since then speculation of who could be returning or debuting for the match.

So with that said, I have created a list of 10 women who I think could be entering the Royal Rumble match. Please note that this is just my predictions, and I am only including names from NXT & possible returning superstars.

Nikki Cross

Photo: WWE

With many names being called up from NXT in recent months, many fans have been left wondering why Nikki Cross was not one of the names to be called up. Well, could the royal rumble match be her time to step up to the main roster?

Nikki has had a great run in NXT, and I would love to see her move up very soon. Maybe this will be her time?

Nikki Bella

Photo: WWE

One woman who I would love to make her return at Royal Rumble, is of course one half of the Bella Twins, Nikki Bella!

Nikki has been saying how much she wants to return to the ring after her run in Dancing With The Stars, and I honestly believe this would be the perfect opportunity for her to do so.

I believe there is a strong chance that she will be involved in the match (Fingers crossed!), and I believe if she makes her return in the match so will…… (Carry on to number 3).

Brie Bella

Photo: WWE


With Brie saying how much she misses the ring, and training hard to make it happen, I don’t think there could be a better opportunity for her to do so!

I believe if both Brie & Nikki are planning a return of the Bella Twins this year, then entering this historic match will be the perfect opportunity. Fingers crossed we get to see them return soon!

Billie Kay

Photo: WWE

Another name who could be making her main roster debut from NXT is one half of the Iconic Duo, Billie Kay.

With many names rumoured from NXT to be involved in the match, I believe that Billie Kay is a strong contender to be one of them. Her character & ring ability has strongly been building through the year, which makes me believe that she is ready for her call up!

Peyton Royce

Photo: WWE

I believe that another name from NXT who could be entering the match, is the second half of the Iconic Duo, Peyton Royce.

I have seen Peyton Royce wrestle live and I can tell you that she was fantastic during that match, and ever since then I have believed that she can go far in WWE. I will keep my fingers crossed that she will be involved in the match!

Beth Phoenix

Photo: WWE

One name who I believe could be making her WWE in-ring return is the Hall Of Famer, Beth Phoenix.

With it recently being announced that she will be joining the commentary team for the ‘Mixed Match Challenge’, this to me hints that we could maybe see a one night only style return for Beth in the WWE ring. I honestly believe that if she is going to return to the ring for any match, this would be the one!

Trish Stratus

Photo: WWE

One name who was rumoured to make her return last year was Trish Stratus, and since then fans have been speculating that she will be returning to the ring at some point soon. Could the Royal Rumble match be her return?

I would personally love to see Trish return to the WWE ring, and I honestly think that this would be the perfect returning match for her!

Kelly Kelly

Photo: WWE

I know that Kelly Kelly has not been in a WWE ring for a while now; however she has been involved in a few other things for WWE since she announced her departure from the ring, so I am not ruling it out that we could see her return for this match.

Eve Torres

Photo: WWE

With Eve stepping away from wrestling in WWE  a few years ago, many people including myself have been sat wondering if we will ever see her wrestle in WWE again (Sad face).

So with this historic match now taking place, I think this could be the perfect time for Eve to return even if for one night. I believe that fans would go wild (I know I would!), and I really do hope we see her involved in the match!


Photo: WWE

Kaitlyn has recently made her return back to wrestling, and with that in mind, many fans have started speculating that this could lead to a return to WWE.

I honestly can’t wait to see Kaitlyn start wrestling again, and part of me really hopes that we get to see her take part in this match. What about that for a WWE comeback?

This year’s WWE Royal Rumble takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 28th January 2018.

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