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Top 100 Songs Released In 2017 – Part Ten!

List Ten

With 2017 coming to a close, I have been taking a look back at some of my favourite songs that have been released this year and today I bring you the final part of my top 100 songs from 2017!

Please note that this is just my opinion, and that the songs are not ranked in any order as I love each song so much, which made it impossible to rank them in any order.

I hope you enjoy!

Sofia Carson – Ins & Outs

Am I the only one who thinks Sofia Carson has one of the coolest and stunning voices on the planet?

On this song, Sofia showcases her voices in such a way, that you find yourself really drawn into the song & just want to keep on listening to it!

Bailey Bryan – Own It

If anyone ever made a movie about my life, this song would probably been the entire soundtrack for it.

I honestly think this has to be one of the catchiest songs from 2017. With it’s very relatable lyrics, and catchy melody, I honestly can’t stop listening to this song. I would honestly recommend it to anyone!

Salena Mastroianni  – I Don’t Wanna Fight

When I heard this song at the beginning of the year, I feel immediately in la la love with it!

The powerful lyric behind the song is carried through a very catchy melody, which showcases Salena’s stunning vocals to the max!

Alice – Running With Lions

Alice has such a pure and stunning voice, which really helps to bring out the pure passion and emotion behind the lyrics of “Running With Lions”.

If you are looking for a song full of inspiration, then this certainly is a song for you!

Hailee Steinfeld – Most Girls

Hailee has such a stunning and passionate voice, which really reflects in all of her music, and “Most Girls” is certainly no acceptation to this.

I believe that “Most Girls” has a very important message behind it, and Hailee really helps to carry the message of the song through her passionate voice.

Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes

If you are looking for a song full of passion and determination then I guarantee that this is 100% a song for you.

With a very powerful message behind it, this song really helps fill you with inspiration every time that you hear it. I love listening to this song, and thank them for all the inspiration it has given me so far.

Sia Ft Labrinth – To Be Human

The way that Sia & Labrinth voices work together on this track, really is a statement to how talented they both are.

The way their harmonies work together is spot on and really helps reflect the emotion behind the lyrics. Definitely worth a listen!

Lady Gaga – The Cure

Lady Gaga is one of the most creative singers on the planet & her creative spirit really reflects into every song that she releases.

For me, this song is a statement to the creative and genius musician that she is, and really shows her the extremely talented artist that she is.

Sabrina Carpenter – Why

Who else is a massive fan of Sabrina Carpenter? Me, me, me!

When this song was released earlier this year, it instantly went straight onto my 2017 playlist. Sabrina’s voice really does shine on this track & really suits the style of the song so perfectly!

Beth Crowley – Monster

When Beth Crowley released this song earlier this year, I instantly fell in love with the emotion and passion behind the meaning of the song.

This song really shows the pure and emotional creativity that Beth has, and really shows her for the talented musician she truly is. I would honestly suggest giving it a listen!

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