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Review: Lindsey Stirling & Becky G Get You In The Festive Spirit In “Christmas C’mon”!

Lindsey Stirling Becky G Christmas
Photo: Lindsey Stirling & Becky G “Christmas C’mon” Official Video.

With the recent release of her new brand new album ‘Warmer In The Winter’, Lindsey Stirling has been getting us in the holiday spirit with her festive album, and with songs like “Christmas C’mon” that feature. It really is not hard to get into the Christmas spirit!

This song features such a catchy and unique melody, which gets your feeling very festive from the first few seconds of listening to it.

Becky G has such an angelic voice that suits the song just perfectly, and really adds something extra to the song.

The official video matches the style of the song so incredibly well, and is produced in a very in keeping tone to both Becky & Lindsey’s musical styles.

Overall, this song is such a unique and catchy songs that I really can’t help but fall in love with it. I guarantee this song will be featuring on my 2017 Christmas playlist. Both Lindsey & Becky should be so proud of this song. This song really shows them for the talented people they truly are.

You can check out the official video for “Christmas C’mon” below.

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