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Review: Alyssa Trahan Releases Catchy EP “Push Play”!

Alyssa Push Play

The very talented country musician Alyssa Trahan has released her brand new EP “Push Play”, which features a range of very catchy songs.

The EP features a number of songs that suit Alyssa’s sweet & stunning voice so perfectly, that you just find yourself lost in the moment while listening to it.

Each song gives Alyssa’s voice a shine on another level, and you just know you are listening to what can only been described as a future Country music star.

A number of my favourite songs to feature from the EP, include “Push Play” & “I’m Here For The Dog”. Each song has a different emotion attached to it, and that is what really draws you in, when you are listening to this EP.

You can check out “Push Play” below.

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