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Review: Adam Dolan Releases “Change The Record”!

adam dolan
Photo: Adam Dolan “Change The Record” YouTube.

The very talented singer Adam Dolan has released his brand new song “Change The Record” & this song is simply stunning.

The lyrics are incredibly emotional and tell a very heart touching story, that suits Adam’s unique and pure vocals perfectly. I honestly believe that this is such a perfect song for Adam, and I believe the tone of his voice adds more emotion to the lyrics of the song. I couldn’t help but want to keep listening to this after the first time I heard it, and I think you guys will be doing that also.

I honestly think I am looking at someone who is more than likely going to have a very big career ahead of him. With songs like this, and a stunning voice, you just know he can go far.

You can check out “Change The Record” below.

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