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Review: Dove Cameron & Sofia Carson Vocals Shine On “Space Between”!

Sofia & Dove Space Between
Photo: Sofia Carson & Dove Cameron “Space Between” Video YouTube.

Yipe! Descendants 2 is finally out & I know there have been so many people super excited for this (Including me!), so I thought I would review a few of the songs featured in the Descendants sequel.

Kicking things of is the stunning duet between Dove Cameron & Sofia Carson. Now we all know that the friendship between Mal & Evie is friendship goals, but when you add this song is certainly adds another emotional level to the friendship between the two characters.

I think this song does not just reflect the friendship between the two chracters, but also relates to a friendship we have all had in our lives. I felt very emotional listening to this song the first time around, and the way Sofia & Dove’s vocals work together, is just beautiful.

I know I will not be the only one saying that I hope for way more Dove & Sofia collabs in the future.

If you have not listened to “Space Between” yet, then you can check it out below.

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