6 More Suggestions For Your Summer 2017 Playlists!

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Summer is officialy underway, and even though I believe I have got my 2017 summer playlist sorted, I keep finding more songs to add (So many greats songs out this year!), so I though I would give you 6 more songs I would suggest adding to your summer playlist.

Carrying on from my previous summer 2017 playlist suggestions (find part one here & part two here), here are six more songs I am loving this year & would suggest to anyone to add to their summer playlists.

Please note, this is just a few of my suggestions (If you don’t like, then i’m sorry *sad face*).

Unleash The Diva – 4th Impact


If you are looking for a song to show off you inner diva then your search is over!

For me, “Unleash The Diva” is such an incredible song that you will just fall in love with from the very time you hear it.

You can check out “Unleash The Diva” by clicking here.

I Don’t Wanna Fight – Salena Mastroianni

salena i dont

Being a massive Eurovision fan, every year I will follow the selections on the road to the main contest, and one of my favourite songs from the UK selection this year was “I Don’t Wanna Fight”.

For me, the song has such incredibly catchy lyrics that also have such an incredible message behind them. Trust me, if you love a song that the lyrics get stuck in your head after the first listen, this is the song for you!

You can listen to “I Don’t Wanna Fight” right here.

Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry Review

Pretty sure you guys have already added this to your summer playlists, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

With lyrics I think we can all relate with, and a very catchy melody to match, what is there not to love about this song?

You can check out “Sorry Not Sorry” by clicking here.

Green Light – Elysa

Elysa green light

With such a unique and lovely voice, Elysa is certainly an artist making her way to the top, and with songs like “Green Light” is is very easy to see why.

After you listen to this song once, it will almost certainly be stuck in your head. For me, this is a must for any summer playlist.

You can check out “Green Light” by clicking here.

Fetish – Selena Gomez Ft Gucci Mane

Selena Gomez Gucci Mane Fetish

Another song which I think you already have on your summer playlists, but again, I think it’s gotta be mentioned.

With a song like “Fetish”, you just know from only a few seconds of listening that you are just going to love it.

You can check out “Fetish” by clicking right here.

Criminal – Lauren Carnahan

Lauren Criminal

If you want a song you gets you singing along at the top of your voice, then this is 100% the song for you!

With a very catchy uptempo melody, and lyrics I think we can all connect with in some way, “Criminal” is certainly a song you will want to check out if you have not yet.

You might say it would be “Criminal” if you don’t check out this song (Ha… I’m sorry).

Check out “Criminal” by clicking here.


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