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Review: Demi Lovato Drops New Single “Sorry Not Sorry”!

Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry Review

Eeeek! Demi Lovato has dropped the brand new song “Sorry Not Sorry” & you are going to fall in la la love with it!

We all know somebody who did us wrong, right? Well, Demi is saying to all those who did her wrong that she “Sorry Not Sorry” & I think we can all relate!

I think we have all struggled to find the words to say to somebody who has done us wrong, but Demi has managed to find the right words to say. With lyrics like “Payback is a bad b*tch, and baby, i’m the baddest” all you want to do is go and give Demi and her a team behind this song a massive high five!

I honestly believe this has the makings of a summer hit, and I think by the end of the summer (Or even end of today) everyone will be singing along to this.

You can check out  the official video for “Sorry Not Sorry” by clicking here.


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