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Review: Cherise Attard Releases “In Too Deep”!

Cherise In Too Deep
Photo: Cherise Attard “In Too Deep” YouTube Video.

Looking for a song to help lift the Monday blues? Well look no further! Cherise Attard has released her version of the song “In Too Deep” & you won’t help but fall in la la love with this song!

For me, “In Too Deep” is such a fun catchy song, that all you want to do when you hear it is dance and sing along. Trust me, if you want a song to get you in the mood to dance this is a song for you!

Cherise has such a lovely voice, and it really suits the tone of the song perfectly. I can’t wait to see what we hear next from her.

I also have to mention that people behind the song (Ylva & Linda) are such amazing songwriters, and songs like this really show their talent.

You can check out “In Too Deep” below!


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