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Review: Wiktoria Releases Stunning New Single “I Won’t Stand In Your Way”!

Photo: Wiktoria Facebook.

She is back! Wiktoria has released her brand new single “I Won’t Stand In Your Way” & you are going to love it!

This song is such a fantastic mix of emotional lyrics & a very catchy beat. You will be singing this from the first you hear it, I promise you that. Also, just a quick warning, after you listen to this song, you will want to be putting it on replay (You can’t say I have not warned you!).

Also, Wiktoria just has such an amazing voice, and I am starting to think there is nothing this girl can’t sing. Every time she releases a new song you can’t help but get excited as you just know it’s going to be amazing.

You can check out “I Won’t Stand In Your Way” by clicking here.

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