Another 5 Songs I Recommend You Add To Your Summer 2017 Playlist!

fierce and fab summer play list part 2

With the summer almost upon us, it is time to update our summer playlist for 2017, and with so many songs to choose from what one’s are we going to add? Well, let me try and help by suggesting 5 more songs to add to your summer 2017 playlists!

With so many amazing songs being released this year, we could be having endless summer playlists (Like in my case!), so I thought I would share with you 5 more (Check out my first suggestions here) songs I would suggest adding to your summer 2017 playlists.

ISA – “Light On”

ISA has such a unique and fabulous voice, that it’s always exciting what she is going to bring out next!

“Light On” is a very catchy song, that I honestly think you will fall in la la love with from the very first time you hear it.

Lights – “Giants”

One of my personal favourite songs from this year so far (Honestly have not been able to stop listening to this), “Giants” is a song you have more than likely added to your summer playlists already, but if you haven’t then you are really going to thank me for introducing you.

Lights has such a unique and pwerful voice, and “Giants” really give her a chance to showcase that. This song is simply amazing!

Ansel Elgort – “All I Think About Is You”

When you hear this song it will have you going “All I Think About Is You” (Get it?… Never mind). Bad jokes aside, this song is a really catchy leody that will get you dancing, and lyrics that are so catchy you won’t help but be singing it at the top of your breath.

Cascada – “Playground”

When Cascada release a song you know for sure that it is going to be good, and “Playground” was no different.

“Playground” is such a catchy tune, that you will be able to help but dance along with. If you a song that has you singing along from the first listen, then this is 100% a song for you!

Darline – “Fall Deep”

Darline are such a talented duo, with such harmonic voices, that I honestly think there is nothing that they can’t sing. So, when their new song “Fall Deep” came out, I just knew that it was going to be amazing.

“Fall Deep” is such a catchy and awesome song, that really gives Darline a chance to show their unique and beautiful voices. This is a song I would highly suggest adding to your summer playlist asap!

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