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Summer Playlist 2017: 5 Songs I Suggest Adding To Your Summer Playlists.

Summer playlist 2017

With summer right around the corner, we are all just adding the final touches to our summer 2017 playlists, and getting ready to get the summer started!

So I thought I would share with you 5 songs I am so in love with, that I would suggest to anyone to add to their summer 2017 playlists.

Sabrina Carpenter – Thumbs

If you want a song that is just insanely catchy & will have you singing the lyrics all the time, then “Thumbs” is the song for you!

The lyrics to “Thumbs” are so catchy, that you will find yourself singing them at random times  (Skiddly-dee-da-dum) ….or find yourself putting them in articles for your blog.

I would 100% suggest adding this song to your summer 2017 playlist.

S.O.O.N – We Get It Right

When Ryan & Wez teamed up as S.O.O.N I think we all knew that something great was coming are way, and that something great was in the form of “We Get It Right”.

The song will have you reaching for the repeat button all summer, it’s just so addictive. So I highly suggest adding this song to your summer playlists.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Cut To The Feeling  

Whenever Carly releases a new single you just know it is going to be good, and “Cut To The Feeling” is certainly no acception.

This upbeat feel good song is what your summer playlist is crying out for. This song will get you dancing if you like it or not since it is just that catchy (So listen at your own risk!).

Sam Lavery – Walk Away

Sam Lavery has a stunning voice that no one can deny, and she has shown this on her single “Walk Away”.

This song will have you singing along from the very listen, and what more can you ask from your summer playlist than song that have you singing along?

Kirstin – Break A Little

Not long ago, Kirstin released her debut solo single “Break A Little” & it is just simply amazing.

The song has a catchy beat, which you can either dance along with, or sit back and relax with, on a nice and relaxing summer evening. Either way, it’s a perfect summer anthem.


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