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Review: Dolly Style Drop Two New Songs “Moonlight” & “Glitter”!

Dolly Style Moonlight & Glitter
Photo: Dolly Style Facebook.

You wait for a brand new song from Dolly Style, and then two comes along at once! Today, Dolly Style have released their two brand new songs “Moonlight” & “Glitter” & they are amazing!

Dolly Style always brings the party with any song they release, and these two are not any different. For me, “Moonlight” is a very catchy song that will have you dancing along from only a few seconds of listening, the lyrics are insanely catchy and will have you singing along.

Now over to “Glitter”. This song is a bit more slow paced, but like “Moonlight” the lyrics are very catchy and I think this will also have you singing along as well.  Trust me you will la la love it!

If you want to check out “Moonlight” & “Glitter” then click here. Warning this may end up to you playing them on repeat for ages!

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