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Review: Lindsey Stirling Dazzles In Official Video For “Lost Girls”!

Lindsey Stirling Lost Girls Video
Photo: Lindsey Stirling “Lost Girls” Official Video.

A few days ago, the very talented Lindsey Stirling released the official video for her song “Lost Girls”!

“Lost Girls” is an emotional follow up to her song “Shatter Me”, with the official video showing what happens after the ‘Happily ever after’.

In the “Shatter Me” video we see Lindsey’s character breaking out of her snow globe and in this video we see her learning to cope with this new reality and her transistion into another world.

The video also reflects on that learning to recover or move away from something is never easy, and there will be moments where you want to return back to that place, and in some ways it seems easier to return there, however this video also reflects that no matter who you are, you can keep going and along the way there will be somebody who is there to help you.

The video is my opinion is very touching and makes you want to keep watching over nd over again. The story matches the melody of the song so perfectly that you can’t help but fall in love with it.

You can check out the official video for “Lost Girls” below!

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