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Review: Bailey Bryan Releases Phenomenal Debut EP “So Far”!

Photo: Bailey Bryan Facebook.

Today, the very talented Bailey Bryan released her brand new EP “So Far”, and I have been really excited for this, so let’s get down to it!

  1. Own it

This song has been on my replay list since the first I heard it several months ago. It’s just incredibly catchy and has you singing along from the very first listen. With its uplifting lyrics and catchy melody what is there not to love?

  1. Hard Drive Home

I really like the soft melody of the song. The lyrics have such passion behind them, and the beautiful tone behind Bailey’s voice certainly adds more emotion to the song.

  1. Scars

This song will certainly pull at your heart strings. You can tell that this song has so much meaning to Bailey, and I believe we can all connect to it in some way or another.  This song honestly is a lyrical masterpiece in my opinion.

  1. Life Goes On

Just like “Scars” I honestly believe that this is a song we can all connect to. The lyrics are full of incredible passion, and it will certainly be another song you will want to be hitting the repeat button on.

  1. Used To

For me, “Used To” has very unique and heart warming lyrics that demonstrates Bailey’s unique and passionate musical talent.  I also believe that thing song is full of emotion & powerfully demonstrates Bailey’s beautiful voice.

Overall, I believe this is such an amazing EP. Bailey should be incredibly proud of every single song as they are full of such emotion & demonstrates Bailey’s amazing musical talent. I honestly see amazing things for her in the future.

I would highly recommended going to check out this EP, it literally is that incredible. Honestly, you won’t regret it.

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