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Review: Imri Releases Official Video For “I Feel Alive”!

Inri I Feel Alive
Photo: Imri “I Feel Alive” YouTube Video.

Today, Israel’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, “I Feel Alive” by Imri has been released, and I have already fallen in la la love with it!

The song is extremely catchy, with a melody that will have you up and dancing, and lyrics that will have you singing along from the very first listen. I am not going to lie but during the first listen of “I Feel Alive” my heart honestly skipped a beat, due to Imri’s beautiful voice, that just shines through the track & fits the song perfectly well.

In my opinion I believe Israel are on for a very respectable place this year, and Imri and his team should be so proud of this song.

You can listen to “I Feel Alive” below!