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Favourite 5 Songs From January 2017!

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With January coming to a close, and February just around the corner. I felt like sharing with you my favourite five songs that I have discovered this month.

Please note, this is just my opinion and not based on anything else. I hope you loves the songs as much as I do.

Own It – Bailey Bryan

Kicking off the list, is the feel good song that you can’t help but fall madly in love with it “Own It”.

Bailey has such an amazing voice, and really shows of her personality in “Own It”. The lyrics are incredibly relatable, and will get you up and dancing along within the first few seconds of listening to it.

How Did We Get Here – State Of Mind

One of the greatest boy bands around at the moment, State Of Mind demonstrates their stunning vocals on “How Did We Get Here”.

The song is just captivating and I have not been able to stop listening to it, as it is just so catchy. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the song just draws you in.

First – Niki & Gabi

Some might say that this is an interesting choice, however for me I just la la love this song!

The melody and lyrics are incredibly catchy, and a song you can either chill and listen with, or put on full blast and show off you best or in my case worst) dance moves.

I believe Niki & Gabi sound great on this track, and their voices match the song incredibly well.

Dynamite – Markus Riva

One of the songs that is taking part in Supernova 2017, “Dynamite” is literally one of the tracks I can’t stop hitting replay to at the moment.

For me, I believe the melody of the song just captivates you, and draw you in, while the lyrics have such power & passion behind them. I believe Markus has such a dynamic voice, and this song just shows it off perfectly.

Best of luck in Supernova Markus!

Fall Deep – Darline

Darline are a duo, who if you have not listened to yet, will win you over with their incredible voice in a matter of seconds into listening this song.

Last year Darline performed the song “Until Tomorrow” in the UK Eurovision selection, and now they return with “Fall Deep”. The song is just incredible and showcases the girls vocals just perfectly.

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