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REVIEW: Tay Temple Releases The New Single “Ain’t Me”!

Highly acclaimed Manchester-based alt-pop rock band Tay Temple has been making waves through a charismatically empowering sound that has quickly made waves in the music scene.

Now, Tay Temple unveils the brand new single “Ain’t Me”, which stems from Tay’s personal experience of working within the retail sector.

Speaking about the new release, Tay said “This song was written one day after work when I was having a full-on identity crisis. I could feel that I was in a stunted stage of personal growth and was desperate to become someone I liked, but I had no idea who that was gonna be or how I was gonna get there. Working in an environment where being degraded and disregarded is so normalised in the name of ‘customer satisfaction’ you can feel yourself going crazy and it makes you question your integrity as you’re told to roll over & do what they want.”

This latest release features a contemporary alternative-rock influence that echoes the sense of emotional discovery within the lyrical foundation of this relatably sounding track.

Tay provides a passion-driven performance that stems deep from the heart of this ear-catching release & leaves listeners with a sense of the personally innovative person behind the music.

Overall, Tay provides a song that many of us can relate to & will leave a lasting impression on many people’s playlists. This a song I feel that everyone should hear at some point.

You can check out the official video for “Ain’t Me” below or listen on more platforms here.

Tay Temple: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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