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INTERVIEW: Juliana Riccardi Discusses The Brand New Single “Right On Time (The Nashville Session)”!

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Americana singer-songwriter Juliana Riccardi is swiftly producing waves amongst the global music scene by divulging an authentically reflecting mosaic musical artistry that magically mesmerises listeners’ attention from the first listen.

Juliana now unveils the brand new single “Right On Time (The Nashville Session)”, a comforting & uplifting country-folk tune about owning your choices & retaking control of your life.

This gifted artist is preparing to release The Nashville Session singles, of which “Right On Time (The Nashville Session)” is one of two halves. Recorded over a three-day, eye-opening trip produced by Nick Bullock, they set out to be a culmination of Riccardi’s musical journey to date, bustling with creativity & risk-taking.

Juliana has kindly taken the time to talk with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding the release of “Right On Time (The Nashville Session)” & her upcoming musical compositions. You can find the full interview below.

Hey Juliana, thank you so much for this interview. Can you start by telling readers a little bit about yourself?

Juliana: I’m a make-my-own-path kinda girl. I’ve strived to create opportunities for myself my entire life, so I can keep music, singing, and writing at the forefront and remain independently in control of how I spend my time. I absolutely love animals, all living beings and lead a vegan lifestyle. I will stop what I’m doing to help any being in need, including a misplaced bug. I am a sun-addict. I ride a motorcycle. I’m in love with my boyfriend. In the past couple of years, I’ve had three powerful losses, both grandmothers and my first dog and that’s impacted me a lot. It’s affected my perspective and my writing. I grew up in Queens, NY and forever have that grit and go-getter element within me, but I’ve been out west in Los Angeles, California for 8 years and this whole state feels like my home away from home.

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Juliana: Probably as early as toddler age, singing on my “My First Song” microphone, to my mother blasting great female voices like Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Stevie Nicks. I began writing poetry and journaling separately from singing, in my early elementary years. Singing and writing didn’t intertwine for me until my very late teens, but most predominantly in my twenties is when I experimented as a singer-songwriter in the New York City scene with my peers, as well as becoming a busy singer-performer at gigs.

How would you currently describe your musical style?

Juliana: I’m a soulful Americana artist, which means I blend American roots music influences such as blues, rock and folk. I grew up listening to such a diverse array of genres, from classic rock, jazz, hip hop, soul, grunge rock and more. Classic rock and blues-influenced artists are most close to my soul and resonate into my singing and writing. Artists like Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, and Stevie Nicks to name just a few…

You just released your new single “Right On Time”. How did the idea for this song come together?

Juliana: I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about fleeting and wasted time entering into 2022. I can be really hard on myself during my own long and winding journey, to the point of stealing my own joy away. One morning, the message came to me clear as day: the highs and lows, the darkness and light, the gains and losses–all of it, is essentially the point of living – not the end goal. It’s pretty freakin beautiful when you believe it.

I wrote this song, at the top of that year, as a mantra to challenge my old limiting beliefs. “Right On Time” reminds you that you’re not too late or too lost; and that you can make a turn whenever you want.

Did you always plan to release “Right On Time” as a single?

Juliana: No, actually. I usually play my songs out live on the LA scene for a bit after writing them and I experiment with the band before thinking about releasing them. My priority is about getting inside the song, arranging, and finding a deeper meaning to it. Then, inspiration strikes as to where and when and how the recording should be released. Initially, I thought it’d be a full band song, but the idea changed with our trip to Nashville last September, and I wanted to highlight the song in a special way by stripping it down and releasing it separately as a single.

What does this song personally mean to you?

Juliana: It marks a shift in my perspective about myself and my life choices. It represents a moment and decision to step into my power as an adult woman, and not let the past, nor worry of the future, cloud the present moment. It is a mantra to ease my anxiety about time and reinforce the importance of loving my unique journey as a woman and artist. The road does sometimes feel very long and winding, depending on how we measure success. I’m learning to find success in simply championing my own way and loving all life brings.

If listeners could take something away from this song, what would you like it to be?

Juliana: Trust your power, listen to your innermost intention, and make a change at any time – you’re never too late. We must love our process. The process is our life.

You are also planning on releasing The Nashville Session singles, of which “Right On Time” is one of two halves. Can you tell us more about this project & what listeners can expect?

Juliana: The Nashville Session was a perfect mixture of risk and preparation. There were a lot of firsts: new city, new partner, new music. A year back, Nick Bullock, a producer-engineer from Neal Capellino’s ‘The Doghouse Studio; (Dolly Parton, Allison Kraus, Sheryl Crow), had reached out to me about possibly working together but the timing wasn’t right. Fast forward a year and I book my first Nashville gig at The Listening Room. A light bulb went off: Let’s go record! I brought my most authentic songs to date and my long-time bandmates as a trio; but the rest was in the hands of the universe. We intentionally recorded minimally as a trio and arranged so that the vocal performances and song messages would shine. The second single relates to the first, but tells a new story about exploration, and is perfect for a late springtime release (can’t say anymore!). The experience was magic and marked the beginning of a chapter I’m excited to share.

What advice would you offer to someone who was looking to pursue a career within the music industry?

Juliana: Be a forever student and go with your heart. Speak the things you want to be, practice those things, study your technique, and do things that inspire you with people who inspire you. Study yourself and how you can grow and be a better version of you. Don’t stop sharing. The world can’t know or care, if you won’t share. Have patience. You’ll need it! It’s a tough business but again, love the process— and have fun.

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Juliana: Thank you for taking the time to check out my music and this interview. It truly means a lot. Connecting and sharing is what music does best, so I am grateful if anything has resonated with you. I love hearing from listeners, and learning about their unique journeys, so please reach out to me on social @julianariccardisongs and stay tuned for the upcoming singles!

You can check out “Right On Time (The Nashville Session)” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Juliana: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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