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REVIEW: Hildur Unveils The Double Single Release “Matters Of The Heart” & “Sandman”!

Visionary Swedish singer-songwriter Hildur Ottilia/Höglind brings a refinedly invigorating musical style that emotionally exudes lyrical storytelling & artistic vision.

Not long ago, Hildur unveiled the double single release “Matters Of The Heart” & “Sandman” ahead of the upcoming album later this year.

Created alongside Niclas Höglind, these compositions carry a vastly distinct lyrical explanation behind them, which allows you to experience two significantly distinguishable journeys.

We kick things off with the first single, “Matters Of The Heart”, which carries a variety of pop, country, & folk influences to create a gradually progressing ear-catching track that you could listen to for hours on end.

The second single, “Sandman”, is a pop-influenced ballad featuring an assortment of orchestral elements that build to echo the emotionally pushing lyrical heart of this attention-grabbing release.

Each song features an emotionally-driving performance that highlights, in different ways, the tranquil beauty within the passionately engaging vocal harmonies this gifted artist possesses.

These two songs are a showcase of Hildur’s extraordinary creative artistry & leaves you eagerly anticipating what is in store for the upcoming album.

You can check out both singles on Spotify below or listen via further platforms here.

Hildur: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Album Kickstarter.

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