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REVIEW: NEONI Release Their Brand New Single “OVER MY HEAD”!

Highly acclaimed Nashville-based sister singer-songwriter duo Caitlin & Sidney Powell, aka Neoni, have unveiled their brand new single “OVER MY HEAD”!

This latest single features a relatable message that many listeners will find instant solace within & discusses a variety of emotions that many of us find challenging to place into words.

The song features a mid-tempo instrumental that carries a dark-pop-influenced vibrancy & reflects the lyrical core of this compelling track.

Throughout this song, we hear Caitlin & Sidney delivering an influential performance, which reflects the dynamic tones that lie deep within the charismatic elements of their attention-grabbing harmonies.

Neoni possesses a remarkable musical gift that has the ability to leave you speechless & left in an overwhelming emotional vortex that keeps you constantly captivated.

You can check out the official video for “Over My Head” below or listen via further platforms here.

Neoni: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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