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REVIEW: Malina Stark Releases The Brand New Anthem “Happy Endings”!

German singer-songwriter Malina Stark shares her passion for music through a host of emotionally endearing tracks, which process her emotions & life experiences to create a host of naturally enticing anthems that listeners can connect with.

Not long ago, Malina released the brand new anthem “Happy Endings”, which showcases a brand new side to Malina’s evolving musical style.

This song features a catchy pop-influenced instrumental that slowly builds to reflect the warming tones within the lyrical factor of this composition. Each verse carries a host of charismatic lyrics that guide you through a harmonious tale, which we can all connect with on a certain level.

Malina delivers a stunning vocal performance full of emotional vibrancy & harmonic wonder. During each verse, we see the fun melodic side of Malina’s vocals, while the chorus presents the opportunity for Malina to produce a powerful punch.

You can check out the official video for “Happy Endings” below & listen on further platforms right here.

Malina Stark: Facebook / Instagram / TikTok.

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