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REVIEW: Megan Knight Releases The Haunting New Single “Take It To The Grave”!

Artistically charismatic singer-songwriter Megan Knight has unveiled the haunting new single “Take It To The Grave”!

After the recent success of “My Drama”, Megan brings us a darkly drawing country single that talks about how some things are better off being left unsaid & “taken to the grave”.

This song features an ear-catching country-influenced instrumental that harbours elements of dark-pop & soulful vocal remedies. Each verse hosts a range of drawing fragments that showcases an emotional vulnerability & relates to anyone who carries a weight of emotions on their shoulders.

Megan delivers an emotionally moving performance that highlights the robust beauty within the in-depth core of her dynamically captivating vocal harmonies.

I believe this song showcases the perfect balance of power & beauty behind Megan’s unique musical talent, which allows listeners to see more of the artistic visionary behind Megan’s musical talent. Another recommendation from this gifted musician!

You can check out “Take It To The Grave” on Spotify below or on Apple Music here.

Megan Knight: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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