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Review: Rival & Neoni Join Forces On “Throne”!

German producer & musician Valentin Rieff, better known as Rival, has joined forces alongside electronic-alt sister-duo Neoni to release the brand new single “Throne”.

This latest release features a haunting electronic dark-pop instrumental that perfectly echoes the passionate determination that flows throughout the lyrical aspect of this enchanting musical piece.

Neoni delivers an intensely dramatic performance that mirrors the fiery spirit that courses deep within the emotional core of this latest track & highlights the raw essence behind their naturally enticing vocal range.

This single lays the perfect foundation to showcase these musical acts phenomenal musical talents & express their innovative identity as artists.

I believe this song features a host of engaging elements that could easily create a substantial impression on the current music scene in the near future.

You can check out “Throne” on Spotify below.

Rival: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Neoni: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instragram.

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