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Review: Sandro Cavazza & Georgia Ku Release The Brand New Single “Love To Lose”!

Swedish singer-songwriter Sandro Cavazza has teamed-up alongside fellow singer-songwriter Georgia Ku to release the brand new single “Love To Lose”!

This latest release takes a look at the highs & lows that come with any relationship & the challenges faced to overcome obstacles that stand between you both.

The song features an ear-catching musical instrumental that brings an early summer vibe with its warm acoustics & sensuous rhythms that could easily have you dancing along in no time.

Each verse contains a variety of engaging lyrical components that factor perfectly alongside the memorably catchy chorus, which help’s listeners to build a natural sense of engagement from the very first listen.

Sandro & Georgia deliver a vibrantly captivating performance that captures the natural textures behind each artist’s distinctive vocals while blending together to work in perfect harmony.

In my honest opinion, I believe that this song is a collaboration that dreams are made of. The way that both of these gifted artists work together to create a phenomenal musical piece is a statement of their unique artistry & creativity.

I would not be surprised to see this song creating a major impact on the music scene very shortly.

You can check out “Love To Lose” on Spotify below.

Sandro Cavazza: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Georgia Ku: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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