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Review: Klara Hammarström Releases The New Single “Beat Of Broken Hearts”!

Upcoming Swedish musician Klara Hammarström has caught the attention of music lovers with her vibrantly charismatic pop musical style & charming vocals, which has accumulated over 5 million streams on Spotify alone.

Now, following on from the success of singles such as “You Should Know Me Better” & “Nobody”, Klara is looking to capture the hearts of listeners once again with the brand new release “Beat Of Broken Hearts”.

Klara is also competing with her latest single in the music competition Melodifestivalen, which is Sweden’s annual selection to decide their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

This new single is an uptempo pop anthem that focuses on the journey we undertake to recover & find the motivation to move forward from something that has shattered our heart.

The song contains a variety of empowering & heart-touching lyrical components that everyone can connect with on a truly raw-personal level.

This single also allows Klara the chance to deliver a truly mesmerising performance that not only showcases her passionately-filled powerhouse vocals but brings the energy behind the song to life.

If you are searching for a powerhouse pop anthem that you could easily listen to for hours on end then this is going to be the perfect recommendation for you.

You can check out “Beat Of Broken Hearts” below.

Klara Hammarström: Instagram.

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