Lauren Hall Set To Release Brand New Single “Thank You Very Much”!

Upcoming country singer-songwriter Lauren Hall has swiftly caught the attention of music lovers across the globe with her charismatic contemporary sound & angelically profound vocals.

With singles such as “Backwards”, “Gone”, & “Just Like I Knew” already accumulating over 25,000 streams on Spotify alone, Lauren has become a name that audiences are keen to keep an eye on during 2021.

Now, Lauren is set to release her first single of the year in the form of the sassy break-up anthem “Thank You Very Much” on February 26th via Spotify & iTunes.

Alongside Lauren, this upcoming single was co-written & produced by Phillip Lammonds, who has received credits on songs recorded by artists such as Lee Brice, Kip Moore, & Blake Shelton, as well as producer Dan Frizsell, who also was apart of the number one US Country airplay single “Rumor” by Lee Brice.

Speaking about her forthcoming release, Lauren said “This song is the ultimate breakup anthem to me. I think the best way to respond to someone breaking your heart is to know that even though it hurts, if they’re not your person then thank them for setting you free to meet the right person.”

She continued “I wrote this as a way of saying to myself and to that person, that I wasn’t going to let the heartbreak break me. This song has a fun and kind of celebratory energy that I’ve found people really resonate with at live shows. It’s one of those songs that will pick you up if you’re having a bad day and need to just scream the words in your car (I’ve done that many times) haha. No matter what stage of life you’re in I think all of us have gone through relationships or situations we didn’t understand in the moment, but now can look back on and be thankful that they didn’t work out. That’s what this song is all about.”

You can pre-save “Thank You Very Much” on Spotify by clicking here.

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