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Review: Tim Prottey-Jones Releases The Brand New Single “Good Life”!

UK Country singer-songwriter Tim Prottey-Jones has caught the hearts of music lovers through his passionately creative & heartfelt musical style, which has received high praise from fans & critics alike.

Following on from the recent success of his debut solo single “Bite The Bullet”, Tim now looks to capture the attention of music lovers once again with his new release “Good Life”.

This latest single features a catchy country backing track that reflects the sentimental lyrical aspect of this musical piece, which enables listeners to connect with the song on a natural level.

Tim delivers a powerful vocal performance that highlights the unique qualities behind his vibrantly ear-catching voice & brings the inspiring elements within the song to centre stage.

If you are looking for a feel-good & inspiring lyrical piece that you could easily replay for hours on end, then this is a song I would highly recommend.

You can check out “Good Life” on Spotify below.

Tim Prottey-Jones: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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