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Review: Beth Crowley Releases The Brand New Single “You Ruined Christmas”!

Singer-songwriter Beth Crowley has been creating an impact on the music scene with her captivating musical style & angelic vocals that has led to her gaining over 23 million streams on Spotify & capturing the hearts of fans from across the globe.

This gifted artist has now released the brand new festive single titled “You Ruined Christmas” that was inspired by Beth’s thinking about what could happen if the couples featured in Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies broke-up (Noooo!).

This latest single features a catchy uptempo backing track that perfectly reflects the charismatic nature behind the lyrics & highlights the soothing textures behind Beth’s enchanting vocals.

Each verse contains a variety of ear-catching lyrics that are full of compelling qualities that capture your full attention from the very listen.

Beth delivers a vibrant vocal performance that brings the lyrical journey behind the song to centre stage for the full duration of this memorably-entertaining track.

You can check out the lyric video for “You Ruined Christmas” below or listen to the song on Spotify here.





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