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Review: Christie Huff Releases The Brand New Single “Halfway Fell”!

Rising country singer-songwriter Christie Huff has released the brand new emotional single titled “Halfway Fell”!

Speaking about her latest release, Christie said “‘Halfway Fell’ is about reaching a feeling of indifference at the end of a relationship. Not wishing them bad or well, just being done and moving on and realizing all you have without that person.”

This latest release is a country ballad with rock & soul elements infused together that flawlessly parallel the emotions we face at the end of a heartfelt romantic journey.

The song features a variety of emotive layers that allow Christie the opportunity to explore the raw-passionate textures within her vocals & bring an extra layer of personal connectivity that allows us the chance to see more from the artist behind the music.

Christie delivers a heart-touching vocal performance that brings the emotion behind the lyrics to life & enables listeners the opportunity to see the undeniable talent this artist possesses.

You can check out “Halfway Fell” on Spotify below.





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