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Review: Ulrikke Brandstrop Releases The Heartfelt Single “Attention”!

Musical sensation Ulrikke Brandstrop has recently released the brand new single “Attention” in the quest to represent Norway at this years Eurovision Song Contest, in Rotterdam. 

Co-written alongside Christian Ingebrigtsen & Kjetil Mørland, this latest release is an emotive ballad that focuses on why we change ourselves to gain the love & attention of someone who doesn’t care for who we truly are. 

This power ballad delivers a raw-emotional impact that instantly draws your full recognition & allows you to connect your past feelings & experiences to the heartfelt lyrics. 

Ulrikke delivers a heartwarming vocal performance that brings the delicate textures behind the lyrics to life & showcases her passionate & angelic vocal talent. 

The way that this artist delivers a moving performance throughout this song is a true statement to her natural musical ability. With a powerful song like this, I believe Ulrikke is unquestionably going to be grabbing the whole worlds “Attention”. 

You can check out “Attention” below. 



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