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Review: Marc Gallagher Set To Release The Upcoming Album “Songs From A Happy Winter”!

Charismatic pop-folk influenced musician Marc Gallagher is set to release the brand new album “Songs From A Happy Winter” on December 2nd 2019.

Following on from his album ‘Song From A Shit Summer‘, Marc is taking a more positive outlook with this upcoming 11-track album that focuses on his previous experiences.

The songs have been written from December to February & are listed in order of the dates they were created. 

Marc delivers a performance throughout this album that highlights the personality behind his musical style & allows listeners to view an insight into the artist behind the music. 

The album features a natural personal connection that allows this artist to present a raw vocal performance that parallels the organic textures behind the lyrics.

Each song transistions into the next perfectly, which help’s listeners to get a real sense of the raw energy that features throughout the entire album.

If you are looking for a variety of ear-catching pop-folk songs, then I would recommend checking this album out when it goes live on Monday.

You can find out more about Marc Gallagher through his website here.

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