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Review: rosecoloredworld Release The Official Video For “Walking On The Sun”!

Upcoming music sensations LA-based pop duo rosecoloredworld has released the official video for their debut single “Walking On The Sun”!

Addison Scott and RAE aka rosecoloredworld merge together their romance with enchanting elements to create a tea party complete with rainbow lollipops, giant sunglasses, & glam trimmings.

The song paves way for these talented musicians to explore their artistic talent & allows listeners to join them on an enchanting musical journey that lures you in from the first listen.

This talented duo delivers a dynamic & charismatic performance that showcases their mesmerising & alluring vocals.

The official video perfectly parallels the energetic energy behind the song & allows you to get a sense of the artists behind the music.

You can check out the official video below.

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