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Review: Lydia Halloway Releases The Brand New Single “More Of Me”!

Rising music sensation Lydia Halloway has released the brand new single titled “More Of Me”!

Speaking about her latest release, Lydia said “With ‘More of Me,’ I gave myself permission to come back to my core as a musician and write something a little darker, and a little more introspective. I wrote this song at 1AM, sitting on my bathroom floor, and it felt like coming home.”

An abandoned earlier project that was cut short by a devastating cancer diagnosis that required immediate treatment and threatened to take her voice away forever. This is the dark past Lydia references in “More of Me.”

Surviving an eight-hour surgery on her throat, Lydia was left unable to speak or sing for a long period of time. Separated from her guitar in the hospital, she downloaded production software and began working on what would be her debut single, “Dancing to You,” which quickly picked up momentum and caught the attention of Earmilk.

This latest release has given us a hint of how this experience has impacted this inspiring artist. Lydia says “When you really start to like someone, you want to share everything. But at the same time, we all know there can be consequences. For me, sharing my journey with my health and the fact that I had cancer can end up scaring people off. In this song, I try to get at the tension between my really deep longing to share and the other part of me that can be really closed off.”

Lydia delivers a sublime musical performance that is full of heartfelt purity, which instantly connects with you from the very first listen.

Each lyric features an authentic emotive-element that highlights the beauty within this artist’s unique musical style.

This is one song that I would highly recommend!

You can check out “More Of Me” on Spotify below.

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