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Review: Chantitown Releases The Brand New Single “Alive”!

London-based Indie-folk singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown has released her new single “Alive” ahead of her upcoming EP ‘Camouflage‘!

Giving insight about her latest single, Chantitown said “Alive is a song about falling in love with life again. My days became relentless and overwhelming. As time passed, I knew something had been lost.”

She continued “I was drawn to people who felt like sunshine and with perspective (as well as a kick up the backside) I realised I had been sleepwalking. With the realisation came a fierce determination to do things very differently. I wanted this song to feel epic using percussion, strings and whatever it took to get this incredible realisation translated into music.”

This latest release showcases the creative nature behind this talented artist’s musical style & enhances the emotive aspect behind the lyrics with its powerful soundscape.

Chantitown delivers an expressive vocal performance that brings the essence behind the lyrics to life & highlights the beauty behind this artist’s breathtaking vocals.

You can check out “Alive” on Spotify below.

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