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Review: Remy Garrison Releases The Brand New Single “Sorta Kinda Maybe”!

Upcoming music sensation Remy Garrison has released the brand new single “Sort Kinda Maybe”!

This latest release features a feel-good pop-country vibe that focuses on the emotions you experience when you realise how you honestly feel about someone & you hope that they feel the same.

Remy delivers an energetic performance that strongly reflects the heartfelt passion that she possesses.

The dynamic melody behind the song allows this artist to deliver a truly phenomenal performance that help’s to pave the way for a very promising musical career.

Overall, I believe that Remy has a very exciting & bright musical career ahead of her. I know that it won’t be long before we see this artist making huge waves within the current music scene.

You can check out “Sorta Kinda Maybe” on Spotify below.

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