Interview: Curt Chambers Discusses His Brand New Single “Up In The Air”!

GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter and producer Curt Chambers has released his brand new single “Up In The Air” & I have had the chance to ask him a few questions about his recent release!

Hey Curt, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? 

 I live and breathe music, life, family and friends. I love my journey.

When did you first discover your passion for music & knew that it was a career that you wanted to pursue?  

Elementary school.

What was the main inspiration behind this latest single? 

 I was trying to talk to a girl, I asked her why she was not responding and her response was “I am up in the air”. My buddy said, that is a song right there, so I wrote it. 

How would you describe the experience of co-writing alongside Ash Bowers & Allison Cruz to create this incredible new release? 

It was great, always a good day when you are writing with professional writers. 

How has the reaction been from family & friends to this single? 

They were the reason I put the song out.. they kept asking!

Are there any upcoming musical projects that you can tell us about? 

I am excited about an EP that I’m dropping in late October, it has a fresh new sound.

When you are not performing, what do you like to get up to in your spare time?

Roller Coasters, motorcycles, dine in movie theaters, beach day, book stores, checking out local bands.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences? 

Prince, Dr Dre, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Crosby Stills and Nash, Eric Clapton, 90’s hip hop, Dixie chicks, Kanye West .

What advice would you give to anyone who is trying to pursue a career within the music world? 

Study as much music as you can and never take no for an answer because most people do know what they are talking about. Make your own lane.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution? 

Thank you for checking out my music make sure you follow me on all of my socials and don’t be shy, say hello, I will respond!  

You can check out “Up In The Air” on Spotify below!

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