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Review: Beth Keeping Releases The Brand New Single “San Francisco”!

Rising singer/songwriter Beth Keeping has released the brand new single titled “San Francisco”!

This latest release narrates through the emotions of letting something or someone go, which leaves you wondering what would happen if you could have another chance to have them back.

Inspired by Keeping’s five-week backpacking trip across South East Asia that found her connecting with someone from San Fransico, this song is full of heartfelt & sincere passion that helps to reflect the purity behind this artist’s creative musical style.

Fusing pop soundscapes & charismatic vocals, Beth delivers a truly remarkable performance that showcases her incredible musical talent.

Beth delivers a profound sincerity through her songwriting talent, which enables us to see more from the artist behind the music. I believe this artist has a very exciting musical career ahead.

You can check out “San Francisco” on Spotify below.

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