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Review: Nella Cole Releases The Music Video For “Sex In The Room”!

Incorporating sultry melodies and soulful riffs, pop artist Nella Cole presents an enchanting side in her “Sex In the Room” music video.

Nella embodies female empowerment by delivering a signature production designed to be inclusive of all genders while stripping away from societal restrictions to free herself as an artist and performer.

The video features a variety of alluring dance moves, vibrant colours and natural lighting that highlight the nature behind the track, along with leaving room for Nella to assert her own charismatic qualities that help make the video unique.

Nella teamed up alongside female production duo Lyre to design and produce this fiery track that was inspired by female empowerment and confidence.

The song highlights the sultry sound behind this talented artist’s voice & gives her the opportunity to deliver an energetic & compelling performance that showcases her talent as a musician.

The melody behind the song features an infusion of soulful sounds that perfectly blend alongside the enticing quality of Nella’s voice, which help’s to create the dynamic tone behind the track.

You can check out the video below.

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