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Review: Jenny Tolman Releases The Brand New Single “So Pretty”!

Country singer/songwriter Jenny Tolman has released the brand new single titled “So Pretty”!

This latest single speaks about not giving into the emotion’s that can overtake us when you miss someone or feel that you have lost someone you strongly cared about to another person.

There have been times when we have let jealousy overtake us in a situation that is out of our control & this song perfectly describes the emotions that I believe we have all felt at some point in our lives.

The way that Jenny has used the emotive passion that features deep within her angelic vocals is a true statement to her gift as an artist.

This single has given this talented artist the chance to showcase her musical gift to the world & I believe that Jenny has a very bright musical career ahead of her & I can’t wait to see what is next!

You can check out “So Pretty” on Spotify below.

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