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Review: Ingrid Andress Releases The Brand New Single “Both”!

Singer/songwriter Ingrid Andress has released her brand new single titled “Both”!

This latest release focuses on sticking up for yourself & what you want in a relationship. Even though you might want different things that should not mean that you need to hide your feelings from the person by your side.

There is something about Ingrid’s voice that brings out the emotive nature behind the lyrics & gives us the chance to incorporate the meaning the song in our own way.

The emotional texture behind Ingrid’s voice is a musical gift to be admired. The angelic undertones that surround her harmonies help to bring out the passionate nature behind the lyrics of this latest single.

Overall, I believe that this latest release has showcased Ingrid’s voice in a beautiful light & given her the chance to show the passion & emotion that feature deep within her incredible vocals. This is a single I would strongly recommend listening to.

You can check out “Both” on Spotify below.

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