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Review: Zedd & Katy Perry Team-Up For “365”!

Photo: Zedd, Katy Peryy “365” Official Video.

Zedd & Katy Perry have joined forces for the brand new single “365”, which focuses on when love turns into obsession.

The official video features an A.I. Katy Perry who falls in love with Zedd, but doesn’t realise that the whole scenario is just an experiment, which leads to a heartbroken Katy discovering that she has been used the entire time (Ouch!).

I personally love how the song & official video go hand in hand & creates an instant connection from the first time that you hear it. I also love how the official video features a clear story from the word go & that you don’t just feel like you are watching a music video, but a short movie instead.

I believe that song gives Katy a chance to show the emotive purity behind her voice while creating a feel-good vibe that gets you dancing along from the first time of hearing the song.

The way that Katy & Zedd have combined forces to create a song that showcases the individual genres that we have come to love from both artists, is a statement to their creativity as artists & gives us a song that I know I will be dancing & singing along to for the forseable future (I apoligize for my singing in advance!). Certainly a song that will be taking the charts by storm!

You can check out the official video for “365” below!

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