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Review: Jukebox & Bella Santiago Release “Ma Intorc Zi De Zi”!

Photo: Jukebox & Bella Santiago “Ma Intorc Ze De Zi” Official Video!

Jukebox & Bella Santiago have released their brand new single “Ma Intorc Zi De Zi”!

This latest release focuses on a relationship were one person starts to feel that they are drifting apart & they are not as close as they have been in the past, but the other reminds them that the things that have united them are more important than anything that should be keeping them apart & that they should continue to share their love & not continue to hide it. A perfect song for valentines day!

I love how the song has a story to tell & a lesson to share, by stating that if you love somebody you should show them how much you care before you end up regreting it & end up losing them from your life.

The way the harmonies on this track reflect the romantic undertone behind this track gives both artists a chance to showcase the emotional elements behind their vocal tones.

I personally love the way that the romantic texture of the song lasts for the entire duration of the song & features a captivating appeal from the first time you listen. Simply a match made in musical heaven!

You can check out the official video for “Ma Intorc Zi De Zi” below!

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