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Review: Valerija Iljinaite Vocals Shine On Emotional Single “Scars Are Beautiful”!

Valerija Iljinaite has showcased her incredible vocals on the emotional single “Scars Are Beautiful”!

Valerija’s latest track spreads a very heart touching & powerful message that I believe we can all connect with on a deep personal level.

The lyrics behind this song creates a heartwarming feeling that you are not alone in feeling bruised & broken by the experiences that you have been through, while also keeping the feeling of pain & hurt from those experiences incorporated within the story behind the lyrics.

Another factor behind this song is Valerija’s incredible voice, which delivers the full rawness behind the lyrics, as well as demonstrating the power behind her angelic & passionate voice.

Overall, I believe that Valerija delivers an impressive performance of power & emotion that creates an instant connection between the song and the listeners. I would suggest giving this song a listen!

You can check out “Scars Are Beautiful” below.

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