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Review: Brooke Lambert Releases Brand New Single “I Don’t Wanna Hate You”!

brooke lambert i don't wanna hate you

Country pop Singer/Songwriter Brooke Lambert has released her brand new single titled “I Don’t Wanna Hate You”!

In this catchy new single, Brooke’s message is loud & clear. We have all given somebody we know pass after pass for the way they have treated us, but this talk’s about the moment you finally see them for the way they are & the love suddenly turns to hate, after all, love & hate are two very similar things.

For me, I feel that Brooke’s voice gets a real chance to shine on this extremely catchy track. I love how her voice gets the true tone behind the song across & make’s you want to keep listening to this song over & over again.

You can check out “I Don’t Wanna Hate You” on Spotify below.

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