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Review: The Overtones Release Their Sixth Studio Album!

the overtones new album

The Overtones have released their brand new album, which features 12 stunning tracks that reflect their journey as a group so far.

This latest album features a carefully selected number of covers & originals, which are a special celebration of everything that the group has achieved together, a thank you to their loyal fans & an emotional tribute to their bandmate Timmy.

This will be the first release for the group as a four-piece since the loss of their friend & bandmate Timmy in April 2018.

I feel that this album strongly reflects the group’s incredible musical style that we have all grown to love over the last few years. The songs play a perfect factor in reflecting the purity & emotion that features within each one of their individual voices.

The album features a variety of songs that are personally dedicated to their bandmate, along with a number of tracks that will have you dancing along from only a few seconds of listening.

I believe that this album pays a fitting tribute to everything that the group has been through together so far, along with a vibrant message of what the future holds for this talented group.

You can check out their brand new album on Spotify below.

The Overtones will be performing at a number of venues around the UK on their upcoming tour. You can find out more information & tour dates by clicking right here.

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