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Review: Alice Lynskey Releases New Single “Obscene Dreams”!

Obscene Dreams Alice

Singer/songwriter Alice Lynskey has recently released her brand new single titled “Obscene Dreams”!

Following on from her previous singles “Devil In Me” & “Lovesick Rollercoaster”, Alice has now released her brand new single, which will have you singing along in no time at all!

For me, I believe that this single strongly reflects Alice’s unique & diverse musical style by showcasing her fresh & vibrant vocals, along with a very catchy melody that you can’t help but want to play on repeat. So before you listen to this song I would strongly suggest making sure you have a long period of time on your hands as you will be playing this song over & over again.

I personally love how Alice showcases her musical & creative talent by continuing to releases music that stay true to her musical styling, as well as giving us something different to what we have heard before. This to me honestly shows that Alive is a future superstar in the making.

You can listen to “Obscene Dreams” on Spotify below.

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