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Review: Canaan Cox Releases Brand New Single “Out Of Nowhere”!

Canaan Cox Out Of Nowhere

Country music artist Canaan Cox, has released his brand new single titled “Out Of Nowhere”!

For me, this song is full of heartfelt lyrics, which really connect with you from the first few listen’s. So this would be a good time to tell you that if you listen to this song, there is a very strong chance you will be playing it on repeat for a while, so make sure you have some spare time on your hands!

I love the way that there is such a smooth emotional connection between the lyrics behind the song & Canaan’s voice. You really sense there is a greater meaning behind this song for Canaan, which creates such a strong connection between the song and the listener.

I believe that this song is a strong statement to the type of artist that Canaan wants to become. I sense there is so much passion within his voice, and I can honestly see there being a massive career for this incredible artist.

You can check out “Out Of Nowhere” on Spotify below.

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